Project Sunrise

Accra, Ghana

The Sunrise Masterplan is a mixed-use development project comprising of hotel, office, retail and residential facilities. Located in a 7 acre premium site in Accra, it is within close proximity to Kotoka International Airport and to Liberation Road.

Emphasis has been given to open public spaces; the project looks at natural ventilation and shading as the main environmental drivers. The whole development is permeable to wind with the south-west façades of the site kept as open as possible to the prevailing winds, encouraging air-flow to penetrate the open public spaces and thus improve comfort.

Buildings create narrow streets less exposed to the intense solar radiation and façades have been designed to incorporate shading devices to help improve the internal comfort and reduce energy.

One of the key environmental characteristics of Accra is the low availability of fresh water due to rain-water scarcity and pollution. The project aims to reduce the demand of potable water by incorporating water saving devices; the recycling of condensate water, the collection of rainwater and grey-water and treating it in an integrated treatment system.


Accra, Ghana


New build mixed use development


75,000 m2

Our Role

Environmental Consultant


Laurus Development Partners


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