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Lagos, Nigeria

The project is a major development by the TEPNG Co-operative (a co-operative of workers from the giant TOTAL oil and gas company) facing on to the Atlantic Ocean, with the primary focus on creating new middle-to-high end housing for its members and partly for private sale. The development also features hotel, retail and restaurants.

Due to the limited availability of grid infrastructure, the projectfeatures some unique solutions including a water recycling system using UFRO technologies that will reduce demand for borehole water by up to 80% (through use of rainwater and greywater).

An energy centre is planned based on gasification of sustainable waste streams (dewatered sewage sludge, ground tyres etc.) to produce a very clean syngas and generate electricity and heat for the development with zero CO2 emissions. In addition, ~750kWp of PV and BIPV (the latter as shading for facades) are being integrated.

The development is expected to be the first one in West Africa certified under the new EDGE sustainability rating introduced by the IFC/World Bank.


Lagos, Nigeria


Residential, hotel and retail


130,000 m2

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MEP Consultant/ Environmental Consultant


TEPNG Co-operative



Project Manager

Laurus Development Partners

La Definition