Blind Light Exhibition

Antony Gormley Exhibition, Various Locations

ChapmanBDSP were invited to contribute to the realisation of one of the latest visions from the UK’s eminent artist Antony Gormley. The artist, who is perhaps best known for ‘The Angel of the North’, entitles this unique exhibition “Blind Light”.

The work consists on a large glass box filled with a brightly illuminated dense ‘cloud’ of pure water. Visitors were able to enter and walk through this startlingly disorientating environment where, despite the high degree of illumination, the visibility was so low that one could not see his/her own feet.

Airflow, moisture and lighting computer simulations as well as physical testing in a scaled chamber were applied to establish the necessary conditions for the creation of a stable internal cloud. The final testing procedure involved ChapmanBDSP’s staff taking part in the exhibition to examine the systems’ response to large occupancy patterns. The exhibition was held at London’s Hayward Gallery and then travelled to Sean Kelly Gallery, New York; Pinchuk Gallery, Kiev; Kunsthaus Gallery, Austria.


London, UK/ New, York USA/ Kiev, Ukraine/ Graz, Austria


Art Installation


10 m2

Our Role

MEP Consultant/ Environmental Consultant/ Lighting Consultant


Airflow, moisture and lighting simulations


Advanced CFD to create a stable internal 'cloud' "


Antony Gormley


Carmody Groarke

Structural Engineer


Blind Light Exhibition

"You enter this interior space that is the equivalent of being on top of a mountain or at the bottom of the sea. It is very important for me that inside it you find the outside. Also you become the immersed figure in an endless ground, literally the subject of the work.”

Antony Gormley, Artist