Student finishes top of class with help from chapmanbdsp

An architectural student has finished top of her class after working on a collaborative design project with chapmanbdsp.

Chin Huei Wu, a Master’s student at the University of Westminster, teamed with Kartikeya Rajput, principal environmental engineer at chapmanbdsp, for the Collaborative Thesis Project (CTP).

The CTP, which chapmanbdsp has supported since 2017, aims to create innovative environmental solutions that bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Chin Huei Wu came first among her class with a score of 88 per cent for her thesis and an overall ‘distinction score’ of 80 per cent, for the project, which had an emphasis on the environmental information modelling (EIM) tool development.

Kartikeya, who mentored her work during the course, said: ‘It’s a topic in which we are expanding research to develop an intelligent process for providing multi-layered design solutions. I am delighted to see that Chin has done so well and made extensive progress in such a short period. Big congratulations to her, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or student.’

The research aimed to solve the drawbacks of un-integrated environmental simulation tools. While enhancing the communication between project members during the design process, it also looked to improve decision making with visualised environmental strategies through performance evaluation.

Chin Huei Wu said: “Many thanks to Kartikeya for his support of research and guiding me through the simulation framework. The collaboration project with chapmanbdsp was the key step which led to this outcome.

During the tool development and the discussion of EIM demonstration, Kartikeya showed me how it was possible to work with design information integration, which can contribute to better cooperative projects.

Most importantly, I learned how to interpret the environmental outputs and to customise them to an individual requirements. The inspiring experience with chapmanbdsp will make me stronger to face the challenge of environmental design in the future.”

Dr Rosa Schiano-Phan, leader of the course at the university, said: “chapmanbdsp has been an active partner of the programme since 2017 and the impact of engaging with such prominent industry actors is evident in the research topics identified, which respond directly to the needs of the sector, and the quality of the work produced by students, which benefits from the combined input of industry and academia.

“This is a success story in terms of knowledge transfer and engagement of the course with industry practice.”


Top: Chin Huei Wu (left) and Kartikeya Rajput during the exhibition event.

Bottom left: Image from the collaborative thesis project.

Bottom right: Event photo from the University of Westminster exhibition ‘MORE 2019’.