Introducing the chapmanbdsp Environmental Impact Charter

Today, on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are proud to be launching our new Environmental Impact charter, which sets out our sustainable, social and wellbeing commitments.

The charter forms a key part of our environmental offering and every year, on Earth Day, we will publish an updated version of the charter, reiterating our commitments, celebrating our achievements and setting new targets for the coming year.

Ray Upjohn, chapmanbdsp chief executive, said: “This is a hugely important document for us, one which sets out our high-level vision and trajectory towards net zero emissions, as part of our ongoing commitment to tackling the climate emergency and delivering a sustainable future. In the UK, we are legally committed to achieving net zero emissions within 30 years. But we are already designing and delivering 2050’s building stock today, so now is the time to act.”

As well as declaring a climate emergency, chapmanbdsp has also committed to a design for performance philosophy and prioritising sustainable outcomes over compliance through an integrated design approach.

Chris Cummings, technical director at chapmanbdsp, added: “The charter captures our commitments to delivering a sustainable future and outlines our philosophy across our business, our work and our impact in advocating change. The charter is an important part of our journey and highlights how we can make the very best of our resources to build a better sustainable built environment for all.”

The new charter sits alongside our social value and environmental policies and complements our ISO14001 process. For more information on the charter and our commitments please contact Chris Cummings.

You can download our Environmental Impact Charter here.




Introducing the chapmanbdsp Environmental Impact Charter