International Women in Engineering Day celebrated at chapmanbdsp

We have been celebrating the work of our amazing women on International Women in Engineering Day (InWed). 

This year's InWed theme is Imagine The Future, with a focus on innovation and invention, and across our business we have many women who are helping us do just that. 

Associate Director, Deepika Singhal, is helping to create a new sustainability tool for the business which brings together industry benchmarks and standards and maps out a sustainability strategy for our projects across 16 key environmental concepts.

Deepika said: “Within chapmanbdsp our ethos has always been to innovate and come up with novel solutions to deliver our vision and our client’s. To deliver net zero carbon and truly sustainable buildings, one such innovation we’ve come up with is our SIP (Sustainability Implementation Plan) tool.

“This brings together various benchmarks, industry recognised standards and capitals of sustainability to tailor the best strategy for our projects spread across 16 key environmental concepts. What started off as an idea and few slides, has now been implemented into a web tool and informing the design of several of our projects.

“We continue to evolve it as the ultimate aim is to tie in the post occupancy data to reduce the performance gap and in true sense design for

Mechanical Engineer, Trisha Ariarasa, is a charity ambassador for the business and has recently returned from the BCO conference. Trisha said: “It was amazing to hear so many thought-provoking discussions at BCO about the current challenges we face in the industry and the role our sector plays in shaping our society.”

Apprentice Graphic Designer, Darcey Valler, has been learning about our innovative sustainability solutions and how to communicate them through our accredited graduate and apprentice scheme. “I hope to learn more about building services, the sustainability aspects involved and utilise this knowledge in my future work,” Darcey said.



International Women in Engineering Day celebrated at chapmanbdsp