Britam Tower becomes first EDGE certified building in Kenya

The Britam Tower in Nairobi has become the first building in Kenya to be certified under the Edge sustainability programme.

The Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies certification is an internationally recognised sustainability certification backed by the World Bank Group and awarded to building owners who demonstrate a high level of resource efficiency in their buildings.

The certification credits the Brtiam Tower with making 39 per cent energy savings, 50 per cent water savings and using 38 per cent less embodied material energy – which equates to 935.8 tCO2 per year in operational CO2 emissions and 620.5 tCO2 per year in operational savings.

Standing at 200 metres, the tower is the tallest building in Nairobi and has raised sustainable standards for office builds across the continent.

ChapmanBDSP provided mechanical, engineering, public health and environmental solutions for the project, which was designed in collaboration with Gapp architects.

The tower has a distinctive prismatic 3D geometry and a façade with a “veil” of ceramic rods which function as ‘brise-soleil’ shading. That allows the office floors to be entirely naturally ventilated while other environmental solutions mean the building is more self- sufficient and less reliant on local utilities.

Engineering solutions include intelligent lighting controls, good solar control, natural ventilation for office floors and common areas and good daylighting.

The building also uses natural resources and materials with bore hole, water conservation measures, rainwater harvesting and water recycling.

The tower has now been completed and is ready for occupation.

A Britam spokesman said: ‘‘We were so proud to see our vision realised by the whole team. The work ChapmanBDSP did on environmental solutions answered the brief, transformed the project and gave us a legacy we can all be proud of. Having the first Edge certified building in Kenya is the icing on the cake.’

Britam Tower becomes first EDGE certified building in Kenya