Smart Building Consultancy Services

Our Smart Building design approach draws on technology and our multi-disciplinary project delivery experience to inform MEP and Smart Building solutions that result in better performing spaces, capable of adapting to change and providing intelligent interfaces with the end users.

To us a ‘smart' building is an asset or an environment that behaves exactly like or better than it was intended to behave.

What’s required, is an early definition, and consequent measurement, of targeted outcomes that offers the ability to influence building performance - which in turn makes any building truly ‘smart’.

We understand and review client appetite for Smart Building technologies through discussions and consultation with our clients as part of technology visioning workshops.

As part of defining ‘Smart’ for our clients, we provide impartial advice with respect to market trends and technology delivery vendors and platforms.

We have experience in designing ‘Smart Ready’ and ‘Smart Enabled’ MEP systems and IoT sensor networks focused on the pre-defined client vision for ‘Smart’ technologies.

We engage with the wider technology delivery team, including Smart App developers and Master Systems Integrators, allowing projects to push the right boundaries in order to better align Smart Building aspirations of owners, occupants and operators alike.

For more information please contact Trevor Leitao.

Smart Building Consultancy

-Smart building technology visioning workshops

-Smart 'ready' and 'enabled' infrastructure solutions

-Intelligent building automation solutions

-IoT sensor networks solutions

-MEP system integration

-Energy metering and management solutions

-Smart building assessments, e.g. Smart Score

-Compliance monitoring