Building Services Engineering

We employ a holistic design process that considers environment, architecture, structure and services as one, with the aim to devise clear, robust strategies for infrastructure and building services that are adaptable and future proof against changes.

Each project is approached using a rigorous process of analysis and the most advanced computer modelling tools available.

We then follow this with practical implementation, including managing expectation, ensuring the correct specification, installation, commissioning and client training. Value engineering is an inherent part of our design process.

Using the layout, form and fabric of buildings to provide passive environmental control, we are able to reduce dependency on energy-consuming mechanical and electrical systems.


The systems that remain are kept as simple and economic as possible, contributing to ease of use, cost effectiveness and greater reliability.

We continue to offer support to clients post-completion to guarantee the efficiency of implemented systems and the comfort of occupants.

Our Facilities Engineering division specialises in the built environment and offer a wide range of services, delivering technical advice and support to satisfy the demanding requirements of the managers engaged in running today's commercial and public sector buildings.