Our specialists monitor and manage projects, offering advice from strategic, financial and technical perspectives, as well as acting as the intermediary between clients and contractors.

We have assisted many clients in selecting spaces that are the right fit for their culture, current occupancy needs and flexible enough to allow them to grow.

We listen to our clients’ ambitions for their new spaces, the ways in which they envisage their teams working together and their aspirations for growth.

We also continue to offer support to clients post-completion to guarantee the efficiency of implemented systems and the comfort of occupants.


Our extensive experience in the commercial office market allows us to work with organisations such as BCO and CoreNet to advise on how to conserve energy within commercial buildings and to establish ideal specification levels in the future.

We constantly look to transfer knowledge from previous projects, innovate where appropriate, whilst operating within the budget and most importantly, ensure completion to programme.

We remain committed to delivering sustainable engineering solutions through our intrinsic understanding of our clients’ technical needs and a genuine desire to provide best in class service.