The combination of creative design and practical engineering is at the heart of what we do.

We help clients overcome technical constraints and push the boundaries of what is possible; delivering creative yet affordable solutions, supported by cutting-edge design, modelling and simulation techniques.

The Big Idea

Early collaboration with architects and structural designers to develop the 'big idea'

Concept & Form

Development of concept to formulate structure

Analysis & Optimisation

Analysis and optimisation of environmental concepts inform the building shape and efficiency

Design Integration & Coordination

Design integration, 3D coordination and prefabrication bring the concept design to life


Assembly of components allowing ease of access for maintenance and flexibility

Collaboration & Success Completion

Collaboration of the design team produced the fastest cycling track in the world

​"Of all the projects on the Park, the Velodrome has been the shining beacon in terms of sustainability" Dan Epstein - Former Head of Sustainable Development - ODA

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Our TAG group ensures best practice, innovation and design excellence are maintained and tested throughout our delivery.

TAG provides continuity and standardisation through detailed peer reviews at key stages of projects.

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Hands On Involvement

Helping our clients realise and exceed their ambitions is at the heart of everything we do. As part of our commitment, we maintain hands-on Board Director involvement in all projects we undertake, providing specialist experience with tried-and-tested solutions.

Diversity of Expertise

The mix of engineers, designers, architects, programmers, analysts and researchers that represent our core staff, enables us to take on a variety of technically challenging projects and explore solutions from a multi-layered perspective.

Creativity & Innovation

We thrive on pushing boundaries and challenging engineering norms. We have a company-wide commitment to innovation that goes beyond our projects. We have funded our own research and development into software as well as participating in EU and UK funded research projects, exploring the potential for renewable energy and developing software for predicting building performance. This inspires our staff to be creative and apply our research work first hand.