Architectural Lighting

We recognise the power and benefit of light to our wellbeing and environment; light changes our perceptions and emotions. We devise solutions that encompass energy conservation and sustainability whilst creating a visual identity and atmosphere.

We work with the form of each individual building to harness the lighting potential of the space. Our creative approach integrates with our technical expertise and practical implementation to allow for unique and successful solutions, including daylighting, internal and external lighting and bespoke luminaire design.

Carefully designed lighting schemes change our visual perceptions and emotions. Our experience and knowledge of both the aesthetic and technical requirements of lighting design enable us to realise our clients vision with viable and sustainable solutions.

We have an impressive track record, working across a range of projects and sectors and we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. The depth of our experience adds value in bringing recent innovations to the table.

Our approach is based on research, experience and resource recommendations which lead the debate on all visual and technical aspects. Our ‘One Team’ mentality is important to us, as it is through this dedicated team we offer integrated, inspiring and innovative designs and

For more information contact our Head of Lighting, Fabiana Nery.

Architectural Lighting Design services

-Fulfillment of the brief with imagination and technical capability

-Provision of lighting design solutions that encompass energy conservation 

-Application of light to reveal and enhance principal aspects 

-Creation of visual identity and atmosphere

-Concept design/outline budget [RIBA Stage 1/2]

-Design Development/Schematic Design [RIBA Stage 2]

-Lighting layout drawings (reflected ceiling plans and floor plans) [RIBA Stage 3/4]

-Control brief and schedules

-Detail/Tender design

-Lighting layouts; reflected ceiling plans, floor plans, sections, elevations

-Final luminaire and lighting control schedule

-Supervision of on site focusing of luminaires

-Commissioning of the lighting control system