Smart Hub Idea shortlisted in major design competition

The City Centre (TCC),The City Centre (TCC), in partnership with the City of London Corporation and Brookfield Property Partners, are undertaking a programme of activities to highlight new technologies, focusing on smart-enablement, resilience and collaborative innovation, to create a city that is competitive, open and interconnected.

Our submission responded to the second part of ‘A Smarter City’ design ideas competition, which focuses on‘Smart Buildings', generating new ideas on building automation, activation and use of space, sustainability and intelligent architecture.

Titled 'The Smart Hub' our concept is one of sharing resources across a cluster of nearby buildings, making them smarter,and making the local environment cleaner. The Smart Hub is not just an internet router, but can provide social and collaborative spaces, act as a power station and an energy store.

The proposal is based on a simple basic idea and frees up the building of increasing pressures on energy consumption, thereby making it easier for old (and even new) buildings to become ‘Smarter’.

Environmental Associate, Shashank Jain who led the submission said "The subject of smart buildings is a hot topic at the moment, but it is important to understand that we find ‘Smart’ solutions to problems not with solutions we have in our hands today, but with things that we can imagine tomorrow. Such competitions act as triggers to break our current notions and let us think beyond our current limitations".

Our entry has made the top ten shortlist, with the winner announced on Thursday 20th July.

Find out more on the design competition and exhibition here.

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